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I don't really like this account...I haven't done much on it so it doesn't matter much!
Here's my new channel(which actually looks half decent) - http://sakura-cloud.livejournal.com/
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Hope they work!

Title: Devils Stare

Author: aliceninefreak7

Genres: Angst, drama

Warning: One swear word, cheating

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: ReitaxRuki (one sided), RukixUruha

Synopsis: Do you realise how embarrassing that is for me. No, you don’t, do you? You never will.  

Disclaimer: I do not own them *sigh*

Comments: Second drabble attempted, I’m pretty evil ^^! First a death drabble, then a cheating drabble! My name should be addictedtoangst7? Comments are appreciated! J



'Because you love him. And not me.'Collapse )
aliceninefreak7: presents cutie pie pic!!!!
Bands: Gazette, SuG
People: Ruki, Reita, Takeru

Aug. 15th, 2009

3 things that make you happy:

1. Listening to music
2. Talking to my mates
3. Sports

3 weird things that few people or no one knows about you:

1. I'm claustrophobic
2. I've got two personalities(No I don't-yes I do)
3. I can't watch others in pain 

3 things you can brag about:

1. My voice
2. My guitar...
3. My grades...I guess

3 things you’re ashamed of:

1. My moodyness
2. My greed
3. Vanity

3 things you want to achieve:

1. To be a singer or fashion designer
2. To be the manager of a succesful Japanese band
3. To make something of a dancer out of myself

3 things you want to do before you die:

1. To be a Millionaire!
2. Marry a j-rocker...?(am I hoping too much?)
3. To be internationally famous

3 things you love:

1. Chocolate
2. Friends
3. Japan

3 things you hate:

1. Arrogant people
2. School/College/Work...etc
3. Blood/fake blood

3 things you did today:

1. Done this survey!
2. Listened to my Ipod
3. Played a little basketball

3 things you fear:

1. Blood
2. Small spaces
3. Losing my family and friends

3 things you can’t live without:

1. Company 
2. Make-up and hair spray(girlie choice!)
3. My Ipod

3 things you like about yourself as a person:

1. I have good grades
2. I'm optimistic and like to make things fun
3. My artistic talents are coolish

3 of your favorite songs:

1. Linkin Park-Given Up
2. Lost Prophets-Always All ways
3. 30 seconds to mars- Attack

3 of your favorite movies:

1. Rush hour (all three)
2. Jumper
3. X-men

3 things you’ll always remember:

1. The day my friend moved back to America
2. The car accident
3. Becoming scared of blood

3 things that make you laugh:

1. - My friends
2. - Chris Tuckers voice
3. - Comedy films

3 things that make you cry:

1. Intense pain(ouch)
2. ...fainting always puts a dampener on moods
3. arguements

3 random things about you:

1. I believe i'm slightly physic(my friends think I'm a nutter)
2. I have not read a full book for a year.
3. My dancing is better than my drawing(but I have weak ankles-sprained them five times last month)
Sorry for the late delay! I'm gonna start doing song oneshots so watch this space!

Writer's Block: Leave Room

Choco brownies!!!

Writer's Block: Pick and Stick

British...or American...both are kinda cheating...
Sandwiches anyone?

Writer's Block: Total Eclipse of the Sun

Not much, I don't look too far into it to be honest!
I guess rarity!

Writer's Block: Family Heirlooms

A small choker that my grandmother had, that she got from her grandmother...pretty old!
It's in good condition even now, but I don't want to sell it, It's TOO precious!